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Laser Teeth Whitening  Dublin Special Offer €99 Not €250

When you are seeking high quality professional teeth whitening in Dublin, trust the experts at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge. Safely and effectively remove stains in 60 minutes at Vitality Center Ballsbridge. Book advanced laser teeth whitening today to see how your smile can be tranformed gently and effectively by removing a lifestime of stains resulting from exposure to tea, coffee, red wine and smoking without pain or damage. Undergoing laser teeth whitening has never been more accessible. Modern methods and improvements in this treatment mean that the risk of damage to enamel is impossible. We guarantee that you wont experience sensitivity after or during your treatment.

Laser Teeth Whitening  Dublin Special Offer €99 Not €250

Laser Teeth Whitening  Dublin Special Offer €99 Not €250 | Safely and effectively remove stains in 60 minutes at Vitality Center Ballsbridge


Call Dublin Vitality Center Ballsbridge on 01-9018359 to avail of this months very special laser teeth whitening offer. Because Laser Teeth Whitening can now be delivered without pain or sensitivity, there has never been a better time to offer this treatment as a gift to someone you love. Make someone smile with the gift brighter whiter teeth at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge . Vouchers available.

Quality Laser Skin Treatments and Laser Teeth Whitening In The Heart Of Dublin 4

Looking and feeling your best means taking care of each and every part of you. Your teeth are a precious gift. Your smile offers the world an insight into your lifestyle and how you care for yourself. Smoking, red wine, dark sauces and a lifetime of coffee drinking leave their mark. A clean white smile is an attractive youthful statement that tells the world that you are care for yourself and look after your health. At Vitality Centre Ballsbridge, teeth whitening is offered within a professional clinical setting with full reception, comfortable waiting area, luxury client restrooms and a host of other amenities including free parking right outside. That is why people who care for their smile chose Vitality Centre Ballsbridge for laser teeth whitening in Dublin. If you wish to discuss other treatments such as laser hair removal or IPL laser skin rejuvenation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Teeth whitening is just one of the many advanced laser treatments which can benefit your appearance and your confidence and which you will find at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge.

No Sensitivity Guaranteed

If you are concerned about damaging your teeth during laser teeth whitening, you need not. Because we have been providing quality laser teeth whitening treatments for almost 1o years in Dublin. That is why we are confident that are systems will never cause sensitivity during or after your treatment. If fact, we guarantee it.

Laser Teeth Whitening  Dublin Special Offer €99 Not €250 | Safely and effectively remove stains in 60 minutes at Vitality Center Ballsbridge

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  • Laser Skin Rejuvenation


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