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Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening Dublin

At Vitality Centre Ballsbridge, you will experience noticeably whiter teeth in 60 minutes. Using advanced laser teeth whitening technology and EU certified whitening gels, it is no longer necessary to experience pain or sensitivity during or after your laser teeth whitening treatment.

The Perfect Top Up Teeth Whitening Treatment For Previously Whitened Teeth

If you have undergone teeth whitening in the past 10 years and experience painful sensitivity after your treatment, it is very likely that your teeth have been exposed to peroxide. Whilst peroxide is perfectly effective in low does, higher quantities, as previously used by many clinics cause pain and acid damage over time. That is why in 2012, the EU specified that it should not be used to whitening teeth. Laser Teeth Whitening at Dublin Vitality Centre uses an advanced alternative system which is highly effective and recommended for those who have had peroxide based treatments in the past. This system will quickly and effective restore your teeth to the colour previously achieved without the pain or sensitivity which you may have experienced. The process takes under 1 hour and is available exclusively at our Ballsbridge clinic located in Dublin 4, just 10 minutes from Grafton Street and Dublin city centre.

Advanced Teeth Whitening Technology

No more pain. Just beautiful naturally looking teeth. Sound too good to be true? Not any more. The results you are seeking are just a 60 minute treatment away. Your teeth and smile can improve your appearance and confidence dramatically. Food items such as coffee, tea and red wine will cause stains to be absorbed into the surface of your tooth enamel over time . Laser teeth whitening using modern non damaging applications can quickly and effectively remove the yellowed hue that staining foods create .

At Vitality Centre, we have been providing laser teeth whitening for almost 10 years. That means our methods are tried and tested and can offer you the natural looking results that you are seeking without damaging your beautiful smile. Book today to start smiling again with confidence.

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At Vitality Centre Ballsbridge, you will experience noticeably whiter teeth in 60 minutes.