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About Smile White Teeth Whitening | Dublin Vitality Center

We love what we do and it shows. At Dublin Vitality Center Ballsbridge, teeth whitening is provided by a fully qualified teeth whitening practitioners who are there to ensure you receive the very best results without sensitivity or pain. Teeth Whitening For Sensitive Smiles At Vitality Centre, Ballsbridge our concern is that you achieve naturally looking teeth whitening results that enhance your overall appearance.  Because of this we are very careful in selecting only teeth whitening gels which are made of natural non peroxide ingredients. That means that you will benefit from a white smile without any pain, sensitivity or damage to your teeth. If you have sensitive teeth, then teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center Ballsbridge is for you. Gentle Effective Professional Teeth Whitening Our gels contain no acids, no peroxide and no harmful materials. They are 100% eu certified and have undergone rigourous toxicology testing. That is just one of the reasons why clients return to Dublin Vitality Center Ballsbridge again and again for laser teeth whitening.   Our Special Offer is Now On| €99 Laser Teeth Whitening Dublin Specialist whitening practitioners provide the most gentle and effective teeth whitening system to ensure that your achieve your perfect white smile without pain or sensitivity. We are constantly updating their skills and knowledge to ensure that you always receive the very best treatment possible. Our aim is to be the first to use new technologies such as the latest and safest non peroxide teeth whitening system. Excellence in the provision of laser teeth whitening.

Our Clinic

When you are seeking professional teeth whitening, it is important that you select a clinic who offers you the confidence you need. Our advanced clinic facility is located right in the heart of Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 just 10 minutes walk from Dublin City Centre. Facilities include TV room, luxury client bathrooms, waiting area and refreshments station. Free parking is available outside. Trust the experts with your smile. Book laser teeth whitening at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 on 01-9018359 About Dublin Vitality Center Laser Teeth Whitening | Special Offer This Month €99 NOT €250